GAFE (google aps for education) Summit 2017

In April, 2017 I attended the 2 day GAFE summit at Aorere College. Over the 2 day duration I attended a range of workshops and talks focused on using google more effectively for teaching and learning. Some of the work shops I attended included:

  • Using google docs more effectively
  • Using google maps, my maps and google earth
  • Using google ups to support te reo in the classroom


The key highlights for me over the two days that I have since taken to the classroom have been:

  1. Jefferey Hail’s work shop on google documents. While prior to this work shop I felt I was relatively proficient in using google docs I still felt I could learn a few things. The main “hack” I took with me to the classroom was being able to change the settings of a google doc to make sure students make a copy of the document straight away (simply changing /edit on the document to /preview or /copy). This was particularly useful as I was using google sites in most of my classes and regularly posting work on the google calendar but forgetting to change the settings. I had been caught out a few times with students writing on the original document. This tip has saved me a lot of time and hassle!
  2. Jefferey Hail’s workshop on my maps, showed me how to use my maps in an engaging way – especially important in geography! I have since used this with my senior classes as a way to become familiar with location. I like this app in particular because students can mark points on the map, annotate and add videos. Here is the link to the presentation.
  3. I went to a workshop on applications that were focused on using Te reo in the classroom and got some basic tips such as adding te reo as a language to include macrons in your text as well as basic sentence structure and grammar a site for waiata (which I haven’t used yet but could be helpful if I’m ever required to come up with and teach a waiata).I also learnt about māori maps which maps Aotearoa’s marae and the macron restoration site you can transfer text and it adds the macron into the correct place (I wish I knew about this when writing my thesis!).



One thought on “GAFE (google aps for education) Summit 2017

  1. Hi Renee,
    The Google workshops sound interesting.I guess there is always something new that you can learn but amazing that one little tip can change your way of working. You can also get the Māori macrons on a Mac by using the alt key and tapping the required letter.


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