Tracking sheet and attendance

Attendance in my Year 12 Geography class in particular is a bit up and down. Students are away frequently for a variety of reasons including; trades, gateway courses, sickness and truancy. Students missing class regularly was becoming difficult for me to keep track of in terms of where students were at with both their assessments and the work they needed to complete in preparation for assessments.

In order to manage the disparity in attendance I wanted to come up with a way to know where students were at but also for a way for students to know what work they had missed and then could hopefully pick up where they left off in the last lesson. This was especially important for students with really low attendance because it felt like every time I saw them I was having to ‘catch them up on work’.

I started to use a “tracking sheet” to keep tabs on students work, where they were at and what they had completed.

Level 2 Geography Tracking Sheet

Initially I used the tracking sheet so I knew where students were at with their work. Orange showed students were away and green meant students had completed the task. This meant when a student arrived in class after missing a few lessons I could easily look at the task sheet and see what they needed to be doing.

However, after a discussion in my department meeting we decided to also use a similar system to track where students were with their assessments – a useful tool to flag students who were falling behind in their work.

We decided to use an department wide colour code to track students progress.

Social Sciences tracking sheet colour code

After this meeting I decided it was a useful tool to use in all of my classes not just for me but for students to see clearly where they were at and what they needed to completed and when. This could be made available to students on the class site and they could then use this at home if they were away from school regularly.

After explaining this system to my Year 13 Geography class they wanted this to be made visible for them to keep track of where they were at. I was at this point a little concerned that making it public might have a bit of a “shaming” effect but the class reassured me this was not how they perceived it.

After this positive response I began using this as a tool for keeping tabs on where absent students were at but also for assessments to ensure work was getting done on time in all of my senior classes and sharing this by projecting it on the whiteboard during class time.

Tracking Sheet for Level 2 Assessments

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