SOC CON 2017 – some reflections

During the Term 3 holidays the Social Studies department attended SOC CON in Napier. This conference was 3 days in total and involved a variety of workshops and key note speakers. The overarching theme of the conference was “Developing Global Citizens”. I had never been to SOC CON before and was looking forward to attending as this was geared towards the Social Sciences. While there were many interesting points raised over the 3 days there was one highlight in particular for me that I have since taken and used in the classroom.

The Auckland Geography Teacher’s association (AGTA) did a workshop titled “Tricks and Treats to help priority learners in the classroom”. Here is the link to the presentation.

During this workshop the presenter discussed using chalk outside for students to practice their diagrams. I LOVED this idea as we were working on exam revision and my Level 1, 2, and 3 students were all required to draw various diagrams in their externals. I was keen to try this out as an exciting way to revise but also develop skills since a number of students struggled with diagrams in their mid year, end end of year practice exams.

I initially tried this with my level 2 class and got them to draw diagrams about development:




The class enjoyed it so much I tried it with my level 1 class for their natural process exam on tsunamis and their population exam:



And my Level 3 class in preparation for their cultural processes exam:



In conclusion, using chalk is a fun interactive way for students to develop their diagram drawing skills necessary in NCEA geography.


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