Rotorua Education Network – “Famil”

In November this year I attended the Rotorua Education Network famil. This was a 2 day PD that involved meeting with and experiencing tourism in Rotorua. During the 2 days we went to agrodome, te puia, we also went white water rafting on the skyline to agrodome adventrues, on the ogo and to tamaki village for a cultural experience. This was a pretty awesome PD to be attending a aside from being a whole lot of fun it was beneficial to my teaching practice for several reasons;

  • This year was my first year taking my Year 13 geography class to Rotorua as part of their research assessment and external (cultural proccesses). I booked on line through the Rotorua Education Network but didn’t really know what to expect or what was on offer. The famil, showcased a whole lot of tourist providers and what they could offer school groups – including links to particular standards. I now have some ideas for next time and may be a bit more adventurous in the activities I book. This year I was viewing the trip purely from an assessment driven perspective and not looking at the bigger picture in terms of cultural experiences, fun outside of the classroom.
  • This trip provided me with a useful networking experience with about 20 geography teachers from around the country attending we spent a lot of time talking about the various programs and courses we offered which was useful to my planning and reviewing of the level 3 program.

I am now looking forward to creating a more engaging and holistic fieldtrip in 2018!

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