Setting goals with students 2018

As part of getting to know my students at the start of the year I sat down and set goals with each students in my Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 classes. This was something I tried in 2017, however, I wanted to check in with students more frequently on how they were going with there goals. During the first week of teaching as I was getting to know students I sat down with each student in all my classes. Prior to our one on one conversation I asked students to think of 3 goals they had for 2018 (this could be academic or extra- curricular). I then ask them to share with me their strengths and weaknesses and their plans for the future once they had left school.

I found this to be a particularly useful way to get to know students as I had a lot of new students in all of my classes that I hadn’t taught in previous years. Students tended to share goals such as “pass level 1, 2 or 3”, “avoid distractions”, “focus more”, “complete work during class” etc. Throughout the discussion I noted down these goals in a spreadsheet and asked questions about what I could do as their teacher to support them with their goals for 2018.

Setting goals with students provided students with an opportunity to set goals for the year, reflect on their learning in 2017 and share information with me as their teacher. Recording this information meant we could revisit their goals later in the team or during term 2 to check in on how students were going with meeting their goals. Having these conversations with students one on one also gave me the opportunity to get to know students a little bit – especially their names as I tend to find learning names difficult unless I have had a one on one conversation with someone.

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