Social Sciences Study Class

As noted in an earlier blog post the Tamaki College Social Sciences Department implemented a strict deadline policy for 2018. However, I wanted to provide students with an opportunity to catch up on missed work or if they were falling behind. I had held a geography study class for the majority of 2017. Since there are a number of students who take more than one social science Mr Brown (a history teacher) and I decided to hold this together. This meant students could come after school and get support for one or more of their classes. At the beginning of the year we sent a letter home to ALL students studying Social Sciences letting them and their parents/caregivers know this support was available.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 2.09.33 PM.png

Nearing the end of term 2 it is important to reflect on this study class. Ideally, students could come and get extra help (or time) spent on their assessment and therefore this would support them with course content and therefore assist students in meeting deadlines. However, students seemed to come in the first half of term 1. Since then it has been just myself and Mr Brown. Perhaps I need to remind students more regularly that this class is on. Or perhaps check in with students about preferred days since I asked students in term 1 but sports and other extra-curricular activities may be getting in the way as the year moves on. Nonetheless, having a regular time where support is available is useful. Often students will ask if they can come see me after school for help with stuff this way there is a clear time I can make myself available for them outside of class.

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