Changes to Level 3 – global issue

I made some changes to the Level 3 program this year. Last year for AS91432 – Analyse aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale we looked at Malaria. While students found this topic interesting enough I wanted to make the Level 3 program a little more exciting for students. At SOC CON 2017 Geostuff were selling resources for units and one that caught my eye was a unit on Maritime Piracy. I tried this with the Level 3 class this year and what I liked about it was this brought unit presented the course content in a really clear methodical way which made it really easy to teach. As I am still in my second year it was a really useful resource to help me get my head around the standard.

Furthermore, as noted in previous posts its important to keep course content up to date and fresh – as it is just as important for the teacher to be excited about the material as it is for the students. On reflection, it also reminded me that the presentation of material is important – where possible teaching needs to be made explicit and ideally content is presented in clear sections. While the Malaria unit was rich in content there was perhaps a little to much collected over the years which meant it was difficult for students to focus in on key points or key ideas. Sometimes less is more 🙂

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