“PLUGs” students and achievement

A student in my Year 11 Geography class was identified in our recent “Plug” meeting as a “priority learner”. This particular student had been sitting at 0 credits in my subject and had a similar number of credits in her other subjects. This was particularly concerning as this student is more that capable of achieving academically. However, for some reason was not managing to complete her assessments.

As a result of the “Plug” meeting the Year 11 dean had also noticed this student was not achieving across the board. After the meeting the dean sent out an inquiry to all the subject teachers of this student.

However, she had a re-sub scheduled in my subject. At the same time perhaps as a result of the recent “plug” meeting the Year 11 dean was also on the case of this particular student. Because of this I noticed a significant shift in this particular student. She began making an effort in class and catching up on missed credits. She also took responsibility for her own learning by asking for and then attending geography study classes to catch up on missed work.

Discussions with other teachers during PLUG meetings and taking time to look at the data for our students can help catch students from falling though the cracks as a lack of achievement is caught sooner rather than latter.